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Edukatus Elite Education Gains AEGIS Preliminary Accreditation

By Aegis UK June 8, 2023

Edukatus Elite Education was founded in 2018, with the sole purpose of providing educational guardianship for students. The company, based in Leeds, is dedicated to making British education accessible to every part of the world and aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment for the international students in their care. Their current students are from China.
The lead inspector reported:

“A comprehensive level of service is provided, including pre-arrival information, the arrangement of travel, support with academic work, liaison with school, regular contact and meetings with students and translation of school reports. The Director of Student Services and Safeguarding (who also acts as Designated Safeguarding Lead) has an excellent understanding of the importance of safeguarding due to previous experience working in the UK boarding school sector. Safer recruitment is fully understood, and a system is now in place to ensure that all checks are undertaken prior to starting work.”

Preliminary Accreditation ensures all the essential requirements are in place to provide safe guardianship for international students.