Why choose an AEGIS
accredited guardianship

AEGIS is the only independent body in the UK that puts guardianship organisations through a rigorous inspection process.

This means that all AEGIS accredited guardianship organisations have passed a full inspection of their care of students and their business practices, so you can be sure your child will be in safe hands.

There are other benefits too:

They will stay in regular contact with you, your child and the school and will attend Parent-Teacher meetings on your behalf.

They will have a member of staff who is contactable 24 hours a day, ready to deal with any problems or emergencies.

They will arrange a homestay for your child during holidays, or term-time if necessary, which has been carefully vetted.

If you need help finding a guardian for your child, please send details to info@aegisuk.net  and we will put you in touch with guardianship organisations who can help.


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    We work and live in Hong Kong and have sent our kids to study in the UK since 2017. Guardians who are accredited by AEGIS are naturally the only choice for us – they have provided the most heart-warming and stress-free guardianship services. We would not have any hesitation recommending them to our friends and relatives looking for a guardian for their kids in UK.

    Mr Wong, Hong Kong
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    I was overwhelmed by the response we immediately received. Again I am deeply impressed by the quality and effectiveness of the British education system, of which the guardian system, its agencies, and your association are part of.

    Dr Johannes H, Germany
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    1. What is a guardian?

      In this case, a guardian is an educational guardian, who you appoint to represent you while your child is studying in the UK. A guardianship organisation will help you find the right guardian for you and your child.

      An educational guardian is NOT a legal guardian. A legal guardian is appointed by a court and has the legal authority to care for the personal and property interests of another person. This is a very different role.

    2. Does my child have to have an educational guardian?

      Most independent schools will only offer an international student a place if they have a UK-based guardian. We recommend having a guardian as they will act as your representative and support your child while they are in the UK.

    3. What does a guardian do?

      Your child’s guardian will act on your behalf, attending meetings with school staff and letting you know what is discussed. They will help your child adapt to their new surroundings and school regulations, taking an active part in their school life. Guardians can also book flights, arrange transport from the school or airport at the beginning and end of all holiday periods. And they are available to talk 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

    4. Where does my child go during school holidays?

      Your child’s guardian will organise a suitable homestay for weekends, half term breaks, longer holidays and during term-time if needed. All homestays provided by AEGIS accredited guardians are checked and meet safeguarding standards. In some cases, the guardians themselves will have your child to stay with them.