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Ackworth School joins AEGIS!

By Aegis UK January 28, 2020

Welcome to Ackworth School, showing their commitment to the safe guardianship of international students.

Ackworth is the oldest Independent Co-Ed Boarding School in the UK.

Since its foundation in 1779, Ackworth has always been a mixed boarding school and currently about one third of the Senior School boards. There are separate boarding houses for boys and girls, each with comprehensive care, guidance and support appropriate to the age of the pupils.

Ackworth has developed a flexible approach to boarding in response to parental and student needs. Some students only go home for the three main holidays, others go home most weekends. Some board for the whole of their time at Ackworth, others board for perhaps one or two years. About half of the boarders are from overseas, the rest come from many different parts of the UK. Some board at Ackworth because it is a Quaker School and/or their parents came here, others are first generation boarders who perhaps board because both parents work and boarding saves them spending a great deal of time driving to and from School.