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AEGIS Accreditation Explained

By Aegis UK June 29, 2023

We offer two levels of accreditation:

Preliminary Accreditation

  • Ensures that the essential standards are in place to provide safe guardianship.
  • Designed for start-up companies, small companies or sole guardians.
  • Scrutiny of documentation and procedures.
  • The guardianship organisation directors and DSL have a meeting with the AEGIS head of inspections who checks implementation and understanding of key areas such as safeguarding, safer recruitment and student welfare.
  • Preliminary Accreditation status lasts two years with an option to apply for gold standard if minimum requirements are met.
  • Random spot checks of members during period of accreditation.
4-8 weeks – dependent on the guardianship organisation’s quality of submission and response time. This can take longer if the guardianship organisation does not implement feedback thoroughly.
Accreditation Fee: £850 plus VAT
Second Year Membership Fee: £225 plus VAT
We offer a bundle of policy templates for the additional fee of £200 plus VAT

Gold Standard Accreditation

  • The UK’s most rigorous inspection of a guardianship organisation.
  • 360° view of the day-to-day running of the guardianship organisation.
  • Scrutiny of documentation and procedures and how these are implemented.
  • The views of students, parents, schools, homestays and any staff and local coordinators are sought via questionnaires and meetings with an inspector.
  • Inspectors sample homestay accommodation and this includes a tour of the premises.
  • Extended meeting with the lead inspector who goes through each AEGIS standard thoroughly to gain evidence that the organisation fulfils all relevant requirements. 
  • Gold Standard Accreditation status lasts 4 years.
  • Random spot check of members during period of accreditation.
It is strongly encouraged that established, larger companies opt for Gold Standard Accreditation. This is the most prestigious accolade that a guardianship organisation can hold.
4-8 weeks, however, this may depend on the following:
  • Quality of initial submission
  • Whether the guardianship organisation meets inspection deadlines
  • Availability of our independent inspectors
  • Time of year – school holidays delay the process
  • Speed at which schools and homestays can accommodate interviews/visits

From £1200 plus VAT dependent on size of guardianship organisation. For further information please visit: https://aegisuk.preview.direct/guardianship-organisation/


Can you ensure that the guardianship organisation is accredited by XX date?

AEGIS will not fast track accreditation for guardianship organisations. Guardianship organisations must meet all required standards in order to become accredited.

Please be aware that this does take time, as the vetting process is extremely thorough. This means that when a guardianship company has gained accreditation, they will have been carefully checked, helping to provide peace of mind to parents and school staff.

Can all guardianship organisations proceed with accreditation even if they are not ready?

AEGIS does not proceed with the accreditation process where evidence suggests that a guardianship organisation is not ready. Where a guardianship organisation is not ready to apply for accreditation, they can engage in AEGIS training. ‘In training’ guardianship organisations will be issued with confirmation of their status, and this can be requested by schools. It shows how the guardianship organisation is actively working with AEGIS to ensure their practice is up to standard before applying for accreditation.

What counts as AEGIS-accredited?

Only companies who successfully meeting all relevant requirements and standards during the accreditation process are granted with Preliminary or Gold Standard accredited status, and therefore AEGIS membership.

Both lists of accredited guardianship organisations are available on the AEGIS website:

Gold Standard Accredited Guardianship Organisations

Preliminary Accredited Guardianship Organisations

For further information on the accreditation process please contact AEGIS: info@aegisuk.net