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Cherry Education Consultancy Achieves Gold Standard Accreditation!

By Aegis UK May 20, 2021

We congratulate Cherry Education Consultancy for gaining Gold Standard Accreditation! CEC is an education consultancy working with a range of independent schools and universities, offering high quality services including guardianship. Based in Oxford, the company also has an office in Beijing and close ties with China. With bilingual teams in both the UK and China they are well positioned to support overseas parents and students.
The Lead Inspector commented,
“Clear aims and objectives for CEC have been fulfilled by demonstrating that they are providing an informative, supportive service for overseas parents about the UK educational system, alongside the guardianship service, which aims to provide a safe, secure environment for their students whilst studying in the UK.”

“We have found the whole process to be helpful in directing us towards safe, robust, organised and efficient ways of working, always with the children’s welfare at the centre of our activities.” Karen McBride, Senior Education Consultant.

AEGIS offers the highest level of inspection and accreditation of guardianship organisations.