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Gateway Guardianship Passes Gold Standard Re-accreditation!

By yasemin September 16, 2021

Gateway Guardianship has established connections with a wide variety of educational establishments throughout England and Wales. Each student is supported by a Student Liaison Officer who speaks the student’s home language. These connections and structure help the organisation to successfully meet its aims:
‘To empower globally mobile students, to achieve exceptional education milestones by providing high-quality, flexible learning experiences that instil connectedness, individual responsibility and a desire for high achievement’.
The lead inspector reported:
“The importance of safeguarding students is taken seriously. Homestay hosts all have to complete suitable online training before they can host students and annually thereafter. The guardianship organisation also gives homestay hosts access to other online training modules. These help to support hosts caring for students, in relation to mental health issues and other health and safety considerations. Links are maintained with school Designated Safeguarding Leads, where relevant, to ensure that support is continuous for those that need it. The Gateway safeguarding team meet weekly to review the needs of students.”

Congratulations to Gateway Guardianship UK Ltd!