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Global Educational Guardians Awarded Gold Standard Re-accreditation!

By Aegis UK May 16, 2022

Congratulations to Global Educational Guardians for recently passing Gold Standard Re-accreditation. Guardians who achieve Gold Standard accreditation undergo re-inspection every 4 years.
Global Education Guardians is a small, family friendly organisation that puts the needs of all their students at the forefront of their decision making. The key personnel have been in this business for 15 and 25 years and are very knowledgeable in this area. The organisation supports students in their choice of school in Britain as well as with guardianship services. The staff all speak the languages of the students they look after, and they endeavour to provide a home from home service to them.
The lead inspector commented:

“The host families are selected carefully and supported by the guardianship organisation. The host families provide detailed information about themselves and their families so that the guardianship organisation can match up appropriate students with the family, this includes a family profile so that the student gets some information about where they are going to stay. The company is detailed in its checks on the host families and includes both the room the students stay in, the facilities included and the house as a whole. This includes safety checks such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
Global Educational Guardians is a very professional, family friendly organisation supporting students from several countries.”

AEGIS offers the highest level of inspection & accreditation of guardianship organisations in the UK and has been safeguarding international students since 1994.