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Gold Lampstand Education Ltd Passes Preliminary Accreditation

By Aegis UK April 24, 2023

Based in Surrey, Gold Lampstand Education provides guardianship and academic support services for Chinese students. Their objective is to keep students safe within a caring and supportive environment and to maintain close contact with students, parents and homestays.

The lead inspector reported,
The Director understands the responsibilities that come with looking after someone else’s children. They explained how the AEGIS accreditation process has opened the Director’s eyes to the complexities of running a guardianship organisation and are clearly willing to follow AEGIS guidelines and adopt best practice. The Director spoken to was also the DSL and explained how the training for the role had helped them gain a better understanding of the process to follow should a concern be raised.

Preliminary accreditation ensures all the essential requirements are in place to provide quality guardianship and hosting of international students.