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Great British Guardians Passes Preliminary Accreditation

By Aegis UK April 19, 2021

We are pleased to announce the Preliminary accreditation of Great British Guardians.

Based in Wiltshire, the guardianship organisation is run by husband and wife team Stephen & Kathy Arnott, who have considerable experience in hosting international students. They take care to recruit host families that are keen to play an active part in students’ lives whilst they study in the UK, providing support at all times.
The owners communicate regularly with school staff and have fostered effective working relationships with their contacts.
Congratulations to the Great British Guardians team!

Preliminary Accreditation ensures that the essential standards are in place in order to provide safe guardianship. Example checks which are carried out during the Preliminary inspection process include:

– Company documents such as handbooks, contracts and policies.
– Proof of insurance and ICO registration.
– Evidence of DBS checks undertaken on staff, volunteers and homestays.
– Interview with the AEGIS Head of Inspections.
AEGIS offers the highest level of inspection and accreditation of guardianship organisations in the UK at both Preliminary & Gold standard level.