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Guardians International Passes Gold Standard Re-accreditation

By Aegis UK January 17, 2023

Based in Kent, Guardians International provides guardianship services to international students throughout the UK.
The lead inspector reported,

“The guardianship organisation places great priority on communication and ensures that all those who they support can always get hold of them through a dedicated telephone line…

All staff and host families are recruited in line with KCSIE 2022 and have contracts and handbooks as appropriate. The online application form ensures that the host families have comprehensive details collected from them and the company produces a host family profile which is then shared with the student and their parents…

The host families are visited annually by Guardians International and all appropriate checks are made and training given, including in all safeguarding matters. The company is detailed in its checks on the host families and includes both the room the students stay in, the facilities included and the house as a whole. This includes health and safety checks such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.”

Gold Standard accreditation is the highest level of accreditation for guardianship organisations in the UK.