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Kew Learning Passes Preliminary Accreditation

By Aegis UK March 2, 2023

Kew Learning is an educational company whose primary business is tuition. Most of their students are based in the UK, however, they have had a growing interest over time for international students to come to the UK to study. Kew Learning assists families to find suitable schools for their children and provides a full guardianship service. Families who use their services mainly originate from China.
The lead inspector reported,

“During the meeting examples were given of how the guardianship organisation has supported students with their metal health and wellbeing. It is clear from these that staff care for the students and work closely with families to help ensure that their children are happy during their time in the UK. The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) has recently completed training to the required level and demonstrates a sufficient understanding of the responsibilities that this role brings.”

Preliminary accreditation ensures all the essential requirements are in place to provide safe guardianship for international students.