Guardians Etc

By Offshorly Dev August 8, 2019

guardians etc. is an established and experienced guardianship and school placement agency.

We are based in Bristol and cover most towns and cities in the South West including Taunton, Cheltenham, Exeter, Monmouth, Reading, Newbury, Sherborne, Winchester and of course Bristol.

Deciding to send your child to study abroad is a huge and important decision and their welfare will be uppermost in your mind. Everything we do and every decision we make is based on the principle of answering the question of &ldquo;how would we as parents want to be treated and what would we want for our children?&rdquo;<br />As parents ourselves, we recognise that children only thrive, succeed and fulfil their potential if all aspects of their wellbeing are being monitored and looked after. We believe that we can only do this if we have regular and close interaction with all our students. For this reason, our guardianship service is only available in the South of England, although our school placement service covers the whole of the UK.<br />We only offer one level of service! We don&rsquo;t believe in a tiered service level: every child deserves the best. We believe our service allows us to support all our students in all aspects of their life whilst they are under our care &ndash; we will do anything to support their wellbeing, whether it&rsquo;s academic, pastoral, developmental or social. We build very close relationships with your child&rsquo;s school &ndash; their house parents, heads of year, tutors and of course you as parents.<br />Our values are centred round making our student&rsquo;s lives in the UK as trouble free and positive as possible &ndash; we can&rsquo;t be their true family but what we do create is our own special &ldquo;guardians etc. family&rdquo; Our experience and size enables us to assess the educational and pastoral needs of each child as an individual.

AEGIS say:

“guardians etc. provides an outstandingly high level of guardianship to each one of its international students. Each student is nurtured and well supported, at every stage, pastorally, socially and academically. guardians etc. seeks to enable international students to make the most of their education in the UK and to achieve of their best. Overseas parents, homestays and schools are overwhelmingly complimentary of the high levels of professionalism and the exemplary quality of care and support the students receive.”