Pippa’s Guardians

By yasemin August 8, 2019

Pippa’s Guardians provides a high quality Guardianship service for students who attend boarding schools in the UK and whose parents live overseas. Over 17 years, and as a family run company, we have built a reputation for offering a personalised service by taking a genuine interest in the welfare of our students through our regular visits and reports back home. Pippa’s Guardians also has a network of caring host families throughout the UK, who provide a warm welcome and a safe environment for our students when they need a ‘home away from home’ during their term breaks.

Pippa Hughes has owned and operated Pippa’s Guardians since 1997, recently she has partnered with her son Ben and they are assisted by professional and caring Area Manager’s who live locally to the schools we work with. Pippa’s Guardians is registered and accredited by the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS), of which Ben is a committee member, which is the regulatory body for guardianship companies in the UK.

To see the Pippa&rsquo;s Guardians video please click <a href=”https://vimeo.com/107734398″ target=”_self”>here</a>