AEGIS Conference 2023 Speaker

Sarah Smith, Head of Education and Partnerships, Breck Foundation

Online Safety

This session will include ice-breakers to test audience knowledge, an overview of Breck Foundation’s work with young people, Breck’s story, the signs of grooming, and where and how to get help. It also includes conversation starters to use with young people to help open dialogue about online safety issues.


Sarah spent 20 years in publishing and newspapers, including 12 at The Daily Telegraph, before making the move to Breck Foundation after she heard a Foundation Speaker give a talk at her son’s school. She spent 3 years delivering talks to schools, colleges and conferences, and has also presented to police, corporate and government bodies. In her current role as Head of Education she leads the development of the Foundation’s educational output, expanding the range of online safety talks to include current threats such as radicalisation, fake news and sextortion. A lifelong gamer herself, she is passionate about making sure young people develop the critical skills they need to navigate online life in the 21st century.