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Sutherland Education Awarded Gold Standard Re-accreditation!

By Aegis UK July 18, 2022

Sutherland Education evolved in 1989 as a family guardianship company. Current Principal, Andrew Sutherland, was one of the founding members of AEGIS. Sutherland Education offers educational guardianship to both day students and boarders.
Guardianship Manager, Wioleta Laszyn, commented:
“We are very pleased that we were able to demonstrate that AEGIS Standards are fully integrated in our professional practice and that Sutherland Education has been re-accredited.
Special thank you to the lead inspector who has done enormous work going through our polices, handbooks and electronic records. We found her comments very valuable and accurate. I would like also thank you Sharon, and Yasemin, for your ongoing support.”

The lead inspector reported:

“The strength of Sutherland Education as a guardianship organisation is their focus on developing excellent relationships, with support for and care of the student, at the heart of these. Time is taken to carefully match students, whose parents select the homestay guardianship package on offer, with homestay guardians. Many of these homestay hosts act as the educational guardian for the student, some of whom are day students, and the aim is to create a relationship which will support the student over time and not just for one exeat or school break.”

AEGIS offers the highest level of inspection and accreditation of guardianship organisations in the UK