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AEGIS provides the highest level of inspection in the UK

By Aegis UK December 2, 2021

AEGIS was established in 1994 by a group of boarding school Heads and Directors of guardianship organisations who were deeply concerned by the lack of regulation in the guardianship industry, and the urgent need to safeguard international students. 

AEGIS provides the highest level of inspection in the UK, and the accreditation system that we have developed over the years is based on a stringent set of Quality Standards which we have devised to cover all of the crucial aspects of student care.   

We are proud of our famously rigorous inspections, which assess a guardianship firm against these standards.  All AEGIS guardianship organisations are inspected regularly by our independent inspectors, with additional spot checks to ensure consistent quality of service. 

Choosing an organisation that is AEGIS accredited means that parents, agents and schools can have peace of mind that a high level of due-diligence has already been done, and ensures that guardianship firms are accountable.  It offers the reassurance that a set of exacting standards has been reached, and indeed will be maintained in order to retain accreditation.  Any breaches of these standards can be reported to AEGIS, and if necessary, we can intervene and even suspend any organisations that fall short.  Equally, it is important to stress that the AEGIS accreditation process is positive and supportive for guardianship organisations, helping them to achieve their full potential and maintain best practice.   

Our advice and our Quality Standards are continually updated in line with government policy, and with the aid of our solicitors.  This allows us to keep our accreditation process relevant and helps us to provide the best possible support to both guardians and schools.

For further information about our inspection and accreditation process please contact our Inspections Manager: sharon@aegisuk.net